The First Baptist Church Foundation receives gifts and bequests for the perpetual support of the church.


These gifts and bequests are called “endowments” and are used to generate income in perpetuity – longer than any lifetime.  These funds are combined with the other gifts and bequests in the Foundation to provide a long-term source of income for the church. 

Funding First B

The endowment income is used to fund First Baptist Church programs, focusing on new and emerging ministries, missions, and scholarships. The gifts to the endowment remain invested to keep a healthy and growing balance for years and years to come.

Who Can Give To The Foundation?

Anyone can give to the Foundation.  Any amount of gift will help build a stronger financial future for First Baptist Church.  Your gift can be given any time through the First Baptist’s online giving platform.

The Foundation has a Legacy Society for those who want to include the Foundation in their estate planning or for those who wish to make a financial commitment now.  See below for more information about the Legacy Society.

First Baptist Church Foundation Legacy Society

You can become a member of the First Baptist Church Foundation Legacy Society by doing one or both of the following:


Add First Baptist Church Foundation to your will.


Make a donation of $5,000 or more at any point.

The Foundation holds gifts in perpetuity with only the income from gifts being used to support the needs of First Baptist Church.

When writing or reviewing your will and estate plan, please consider a charitable bequest to the First Baptist Church Foundation. Your name will be published to recognize your gift and encourage and inspire others. You can remain anonymous if you wish.  Please include this wish in your estate plan.  Please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page if you want to join the Legacy Society.

Ways to Include Us In Your Will

Below are some examples of how to include First Baptist Church Foundation in your will:

Special Request

“I leave the sum of $10,000 to the First Baptist Church Foundation.”

Residual Request

“I leave 10% of all residue and remainder of my estate to the First Baptist Church Foundation.

Contingent Request

“I give $10,000 to my nephew John, if he is living; otherwise to the First Baptist Church Foundation.”